Antigrafiti centar d.o.o. is an exclusive distributor for Urban Hygiene Ltd., Great Britain, selling and using easy-on Asbestos sealer™, which provides years of protection by preventing the emission of asbestos fibres and particles, and easy-on™ and easy-off™ which protect walls from graffiti and dirt.

We bring you the ideal and ultimate solution! Stop graffiti now! For a cleaner city! Easy to maintain clean fašades! Let's protect cultural monuments! Stop the spread of bacteria in healthcare facilities!

Asbestos problems

easy-on Asbestos sealer™ prevents the emission of asbestos fibres and particles into the environment! Resistant to atmospheric conditions, wear, and UV radiation.

20 years of durable protection.

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Graffiti problems

By dissolving, lifting, and keeping stains away from the surface, easy-off™ prevents them being spread around, allowing graffiti, shoe scuffs and other contaminants to be easily washed or wiped away.

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Long-term surface protection

easy-on™ Series 100 protects from graffiti, exhaust fumes, UV radiation and dirt of all kinds. Series 300 protects concrete constructions, Series 400 protects the hulls of boats and ships from algae and seaweed and lowers resistance, thus saving money. Series 500 protects metal constructions and machinery from corrosion. This is an ecologically friendly, durable protection, easy to clean hundreds of times.

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Hygiene solutions

Tests have shown that panels treated with easy-on™ Series 200 prevent the colonisation and growth of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enterica subs. enterica and Pseudomonas aeruginosa after a three-day incubation period.

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